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The Fitness Integrated Science Monthly On-Demand Subscription features workouts, education, and programs with Nationally recognized Health and Fitness Expert Lauren Eirk. This channel is for those who seek a more thorough, biomechanically based approach to their long-term health in order to maximize results while avoiding injury. Your subscription includes:

> New video content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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Testimonial from one of our members:

"I am reaping the benefits of all Your hard work and dedication you have poured into this amazing program. With my physical,structural limitations, new hip replacement, and my aging body.....I have gained a new level of muscle strength which is helping my degenerative issues and joint integrity. I urge everyone to give this a try. You will be amazed how Lauren challenges every part of your body with smart, intelligent workout programs. She actually teaches and explains how her workouts target different muscles and the importance of core strength. I feel very fortunate that I am working with such an intelligent personal fitness health expert! She is keeping me strong and mobile during my “golden years!" - Lynda Koestel

  • Getting Started

    23 videos

    Incorporating activity into our daily lives is as important as eating, sleeping, staying hydrated, and practicing good hygiene. Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, help maintain a good weight, manage your emotional state, regulate you...

  • Strength and Conditioning Yoga Strong Challenge

    5 videos

    This video series uses a combination of isometric, concentric, and eccentric resistance training positions and movements to optimize the efficiency of the muscular system. Yoga is often thought of as an activity to stretch muscles and gain flexibility, thereby creating a space for mindfulness an...

  • Strength & Conditioning Core Challenge

    5 videos

    When it comes to fitness, everything stems from the strength of the core. This Five-Day Strength and Conditioning Core Challenge Series includes progressive core-focused workouts that are designed to introduce you to the foundational principles that make up a strong health and fitness program. T...

  • Strength & Conditioning Dumbbell Challenge Series

    5 videos

    As we age, it’s the maintenance of the muscle system that is most important in our fitness. This Five-Day Strength and Conditioning challenge are designed to jump start muscle conditioning for the entire body from the abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs. This series of videos are designed...

  • New This Month

    36 videos

    We believe that fitness is a way of life that extends far beyond the participation in training sessions. In this collection, easily find the latest videos of the month with the freshest content! We want to bring you the latest information in Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Fitness and Wellness...

  • Fitness Smarts

    16 videos

    This video collection is composed of educational and instructional videos that teach you how to make your exercise and fitness programs more effective in order to gain better results and avoid injury. Learn ins-and-outs of exercise mechanics so that you understand how to best serve your body's u...

  • Getting Stronger

    28 videos

    These videos are designed to improve strength and range of motion using such tools as dumbbells, elastic bands, elastic tubing, pilates rings, instability equipment, and body-weight to improve muscle contractions, muscle strength, and muscle responsiveness. Having a strong, stable core along wit...

  • Power Pilates

    19 videos

    This collection of videos is made up of 30-to- 60 minute workout videos based on the Pilates system of exercises designed to improve mobility of the spine, hips, and shoulders using body weight, Pilates rings, Pilates Sponge Balls, and Elastic Bands for resistance. These creative routines are ma...

  • Yoga Knowledge

    13 videos

    This growing collection of videos will tackle many issues related to Yoga, such as flexibility, yoga as therapy, asana deconstruction, and props. We believe that education is the key to staying healthy and getting results. Having certified several hundred Yoga teachers over the last decade in o...

  • Fitness Tools

    8 videos

    These education videos teach you how to effectively use dumbbells, elastic tubing, therabands, instability equipment, and fitness machines to avoid injury and get the most from your exercise routine. Tools are ineffective if they are not used properly or strategically. Understanding engineering...

  • Yoga Strong

    27 videos

    These Yoga practice videos will improve range of motion by improving your muscle strength in various joint positions. Our methodology will improve core strength and re-sculpt your body using body weight, yoga props, and common resistance training tools. This collection has creative Yoga flows f...

  • Living Better through Proper Exercise

    26 videos

    In this video series, get information to help you make better choices in your health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition needs. Lauren will share with you her wisdom collected from over 35 years of service as a fitness and health professional. Her philosophies are based on actively participating ...

  • On the Ball

    18 videos

    The stability ball, which originated in Europe, was a tool that was used in spinal rehabilitation. Now, the ball has infiltrated the health and fitness industry as a way to offer support to the joints and challenge exercise. The ball will gets you off the floor, helps you to transition from one...

  • Barre Up
    19 videos

    Barre Up

    19 videos

    Barre workouts are very popular as a way to tone the hips, legs, and core by combining movements from Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga. These videos use a ballet barre to enhance standing exercises for a full body challenge. Strengthen and tone your hips, legs, and feet in many barre and ballet exercis...